Detection of Greenhouse Gas Precursors from Diesel Engines Using Electrochemical and Photoacoustic Sensors

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Atmospheric pollution is one of the worst threats to modern society. The consequences derived from different forms of atmospheric pollution vary from the local to the global scale, with deep impacts on climate, environment and human health. Several gaseous pollutants, even when present in trace concentrations, play a fundamental role in important processes that occur in atmosphere. Phenomena such as global warming, photochemical smog formation, acid rain and the depletion of the stratospheric… 
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Nowadays air pollution has been regarded as a serious environmental problem. One of the main generators of air pollution is the transportation, since the gas combustion from various chemical species
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Abstract In order to investigate the generation of greenhouse gases in sugarcane ethanol production chain, a comparative study of N2O emission in artificially fertilized soils and soils free from
A Low-Temperature Micro Hotplate Gas Sensor Based on AlN Ceramic for Effective Detection of Low Concentration NO2
The results show that a low temperature of 94 °C, low power consumption of 150 mW, and low concentration detection of 1 to 10 ppm NO2 were simultaneously realized for the Nb-doped In2O3-based gas sensor.
Significant electrochemical sensors for ethylene and propylene: the state-of-the-art
The detection of unsaturated hydrocarbons, such as ethylene and propylene is significant in many different sensing areas. While ethylene appears to be an important tool in agricultural industries to
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There are many fuel quality standards introduced by national organizations and fuel producers. Usual techniques for measuring the quality of fuel, as for example cetane index, fraction composition
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A sensor for the detection of ethylene (C2H4) in combustion exhaust based on a mid-infrared wavelength modulation spectroscopic technique was constructed using a distributed feedback interband
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Global warming is one of the main environmental problems of the XXI Century. It is generated by the intensive use of fossil fuels that leads to the so-called greenhouse effect (Meinshausen et


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In Campos dos Goytacazes is a city located in the Northern region of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil, the main source of air pollution are exhaust from vehicle engines powered by diesel oil, such as
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Infrared gas phase spectroscopy is becoming very common in many life science applications. Here we present three types of trace gas detection systems based on CO2 laser and continuous wave (cw)
Diesel Engines: Environmental Impact and Control
  • A. Lloyd, T. Cackette
  • Environmental Science
    Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association
  • 2001
The use of the diesel engine, with its superior fuel consumption, is to continue to benefit society while greatly reducing its negative environmental and health impacts.