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Detection of GSM Based Accident Location , Vehicle Theft and Fuel Theft Using ARM Cortex M-3 Microcontroller

  title={Detection of GSM Based Accident Location , Vehicle Theft and Fuel Theft Using ARM Cortex M-3 Microcontroller},
  author={Sunil S. Harakannanavar and Veena I. Puranikmath},
In Today's world the amount of vehicle theft, fuel theft and accident of vehicles are increasing day by day. As per the survey made, each year more than a million vehicles are stolen in the U.S (one vehicle every 30 seconds). Vehicle theft occurs not only in metropolitan areas but also it can occur in seedy areas of town. To overcome this limitation, an automotive localization system using GPS and GSM services for the detection of accident location, fuel theft and vehicle theft using ARM Cortex… 
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In this paper, emerging developments in vehicle tracking, monitoring, and network warnings are explored, classified and identified. A daunting issue is with vehicle detection, surveillance and
GSM Based Fuel Theft Detection
  • M. Saini, Shagufta Khan
  • Computer Science
    2021 1st International Conference on Power Electronics and Energy (ICPEE)
  • 2021
The Anti-Theft Safety System uses a hybrid system developed for GSM to monitor and protect the vehicle, and this vehicle may protect irrespective of where it's parked, only if the GSM network is roofed.


Design and implementation of real time vehicle monitoring, tracking and controlling system
  • P. Jyothi, G. Harish
  • Computer Science
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The proposed system took care of the traveller's safety by using LPG Gas leakage sensor MQ6 and temperature sensor DS18B20 and worked on GPS/GSM SIM900A module which include all the two things namely GPS GSM.
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The user could be knowing about his vehicle location and condition through which positioning and locating a vehicle can be done in an easy and simple manner with less cost and more effectiveness.
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The functionalities of this system will enhance the current emergency response service by providing a platform for reporting and responding to accidents efficiently, and will enable the authorities to provide faster medical attention to the public, which will reduce fatality rate.
Anti-theft protection of vehicle by GSM & GPS with fingerprint verification
The implemented system contains single-board embedded system which is equipped with global system for mobile (GSM) and global positioning system (GPS) along with a microcontroller installed in the vehicle to ensure the driving of correct person.