Detection of Charge Movements in Ion Pumps by a Family of Styryl Dyes

  title={Detection of Charge Movements in Ion Pumps by a Family of Styryl Dyes},
  author={Meike Pedersen and Milena Roudn{\'a} and Sabine Beutner and M. Birmes and B. Reifers and Hal David Martin and Hans-J{\"u}rgen Apell},
  journal={The Journal of Membrane Biology},
A family of fluorescent styryl dyes was synthesized to apply them as probes that monitor the ion-translocating activity of the Na,K-ATPase and the SR Ca-ATPase, similar to the widely used dye RH421. All dyes had the same chromophore but they differed in the length of the spacer between chromophore and polar head, an isothiocyanate group, and in the lengths of the two identical acyl chains, which form the tail of the dye molecules. A number of substrate-dependent partial reactions of both P-type… CONTINUE READING

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