Detection of Biotic Stress ( Venturia Inaequalis ) in Apple Trees Using Hyperspectral Analysis

  title={Detection of Biotic Stress ( Venturia Inaequalis ) in Apple Trees Using Hyperspectral Analysis},
  author={Stephanie Delalieux and Jan van Aardt and Wannes Keulemans and Pol Coppin},
The potential yield of (capital)-intensive multi-annual crops (e.g., fruit) is seldom harvested in reality. A targeted monitoring and modelling of the growth processes in such agricultural production systems could enable an early detection and treatment of production limiting factors, thereby optimising yield. In Belgium, as in all temperate regions, scab stress caused by the ascomycete Venturia Inaequalis causes the most important stress in apple orchards. The objectives of this study were (i… CONTINUE READING


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