Detection and control of mouse parvovirus.

  title={Detection and control of mouse parvovirus.},
  author={James D. Macy and Gail A Cameron and P Smith and Tracy A Ferguson and Susan R. Compton},
  journal={Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science : JAALAS},
  volume={50 4},
Mouse parvovirus (MPV) remains a prevalent infection of laboratory mice. We developed 2 strategies to detect and control an active MPV infection over a 9.5-mo period. The first strategy used a test-and-cull approach in 12 rooms. After all cages corresponding to MPV-seropositive bedding sentinels were removed from the room, a naïve sentinel mouse was dedicated to every 2 to 3 rows per rack and received soiled bedding from these rows every 2 wk. All 12 rooms completed 3 consecutive negative… CONTINUE READING

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