Detection and arrival time estimation of a pulsed sinusoid

  title={Detection and arrival time estimation of a pulsed sinusoid},
  author={Y. T. Chan and B. Haynes Lee and R. Inkol and Fhy Chan},
  journal={PACRIM. 2005 IEEE Pacific Rim Conference on Communications, Computers and signal Processing, 2005.},
A novel double-FFT method is presented for the computationally efficient detection and time-of-arrival (TOA) estimation of a pulsed sinusoid. Starting from the time samples x(n), the first FFT produces X(k), whose magnitude is summed for detection. If a pulse is detected, a second complex FFT, of the X(k)/sup 2/, produces a peak whose location corresponds to the TOA. Simulation results have been used to generate the ROC curves for the detector, and an evaluation of the TOA estimation accuracy… CONTINUE READING

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