Detecting global bridges in networks

  title={Detecting global bridges in networks},
  author={Pablo Jensen and Matteo Morini and M{\'a}rton Karsai and Tommaso Venturini and Alessandro Vespignani and Mathieu Jacomy and Jean-Philippe Cointet and Pierre Merckl{\'e} and Eric Fleury},
  journal={J. Complex Networks},
The identification of nodes occupying important positions in a network structure is crucial for the understanding of the associated real-world system. Usually, betweenness centrality is used to evaluate a node capacity to connect different graph regions. However, we argue here that this measure is deceptive as it gives equal scores to local centers (i.e. nodes of high degree central to a single region) and to global bridges, which connect different communities. This distinction is important as… CONTINUE READING
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