Detecting fractional Josephson effect through 4π phase slip

  title={Detecting fractional Josephson effect through 4$\pi$ phase slip},
  author={Zhen-tao Zhang and Zheng-Yuan Xue and Yang Yu},
Fractional Josephson effect is a unique character of Majorana Fermions in topological superconductor system. This effect is very difficult to detect experimentally because of the disturbance of quasiparticle poisoning and unwanted couplings in the superconductor. Here, we propose a scheme to probe fractional DC Josephson effect of semiconductor nanowire-based topological Josephson junction through 4{\pi} phase slip. By exploiting a topological RF SQUID system we find that the dominant… Expand
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  • Zhen-tao Zhang
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Journal of physics. Condensed matter : an Institute of Physics journal
  • 2018
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