Detecting bittorrent blocking

  title={Detecting bittorrent blocking},
  author={Marcel Dischinger and Alan Mislove and Andreas Haeberlen and Krishna P. Gummadi},
  booktitle={IMC '08},
Recently, it has been reported that certain access ISPs are surreptitiously blocking their customers from uploading data using the popular BitTorrent file-sharing protocol. The reports have sparked an intense and wide-ranging policy debate on network neutrality and ISP traffic management practices. However, to date, end users lack access to measurement tools that can detect whether their access ISPs are blocking their BitTorrent traffic. And since ISPs do not voluntarily disclose their traffic… Expand
Network Virtualization Using VPN for Stable Communication with Offshore Cloud
A method for applying asymmetric criteria to decide whether to bypass is proposed for robust Internet operation to keep connections with cloud servers and is verified by a network simulator as well as latency on real regulation. Expand
How regulation and competition influence discrimination in broadband traffic management : a comparative study of net neutrality in the United States and the United Kingdom
Telecommunications policy debates concerning the contentious issue of net neutrality have revolved around a number of broadband network operator behaviors, including discriminatory traffic managementExpand
Cooperative Approach between ISP and P2P Users to Reduce Inter-AS Traffic
A peer-to-peer (P2P) network is a distributed application architecture which provides many attractive features, such as availability, self-organization, load-balancing, and anonymity. However, P2PExpand
Deep diving into BitTorrent locality
This work attempts to deepen and scale the understanding of locality and its potential, and considers tens of thousands of concurrent torrents, to capture ISP-wide implications that cannot be appreciated by looking at only a handful of torrents. Expand
Pushing BitTorrent locality to the limit
This paper performs extensive experiments on a controlled environment with up to 10,000 BitTorrent clients to evaluate the impact of high locality on inter-ISP links traffic and peers download completion time and introduces two simple mechanisms that make high locality possible in challenging scenarios. Expand
Challenges in Net Neutrality Violation Detection: A Case Study of Wehe Tool
This paper validated the Wehe app for its methodology, traffic discrimination detection, and operational environments and categorized analysis or validation of traffic differentiation detection tools, taking the validation as an application of the study of challenges in TD detection systems. Expand
FairNet: A Measurement Framework for Traffic Discrimination Detection on the Internet
An end-to-end measurement framework named FairNet is developed to detect discrimination of traffic and validated the methodology’s effectiveness by collecting network logs through mobile apps over the live Internet and analyzing them. Expand
N I ] 1 2 M ay 2 00 9 Pushing BitTorrent Locality to the Limit
Peer-to-peer (P2P) locality has recently raised a lot of interest in the community. Indeed, whereas P2P content distribution enables financial savings for the content providers, it dramaticallyExpand
Characterizing Transnational Internet Performance and the Great Bottleneck of China
A large-scale measurement study of transnational Internet performance in and out of 29 countries and regions is conducted, and six countries are found that have surprisingly low performance, including mainland China, a significant outlier with major discrepancies between downstream and upstream performance. Expand
Detection of Traffic Discrimination in the Internet
This work demonstrates a method to identify non-neutral behavior by comparing the quality of service received by different applications when they experience similar transmission as well as network conditions. Expand


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