Detecting Design Flaws in UML State Charts for Embedded Software

  title={Detecting Design Flaws in UML State Charts for Embedded Software},
  author={Janees Elamkulam and Ziv Glazberg and Ishai Rabinovitz and Gururaja Kowlali and Satish Chandra Gupta and Sandeep Kohli and Sai Dattathrani and Claudio Paniagua Macia},
  booktitle={Haifa Verification Conference},
Embedded systems are used in various critical devices and correct functioning of these devices is crucial. For non-trivial devices, exhaustive testing is costly, time consuming and probably impossible. A complementary approach is to perform static model checking to verify certain design correctness properties. Though static model checking techniques are widely used for hardware circuit verification, the goal of model checking software systems remains elusive. However embedded systems fall in… CONTINUE READING

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