Detecting Community Structure in Dynamic Social Networks Using the Concept of Leadership

  title={Detecting Community Structure in Dynamic Social Networks Using the Concept of Leadership},
  author={Saeed Haji Seyed Javadi and Pedram Gharani and Shahram Khadivi},
Detecting community structure in social networks is a fundamental problem empowering us to identify groups of actors with similar interests. There have been extensive works focusing on finding communities in static networks; however, in reality, due to dynamic nature of social networks, they are evolving continuously. Ignoring the dynamic aspect of social networks, neither allows us to capture the evolutionary behavior of the network nor to predict the future status of individuals. Aside from… 

Advanced Community Identification Model for Social Networks

This study proposes an advanced community-detection model for social networks in order to identify network communities based on global and local information and proves that the model is efficient in all aspects, because it quickly identifies communities in the network.

A Temporal User Attribute-Based Algorithm to Detect Communities in Online Social Networks

This paper proposes a new temporal user attribute-based algorithm, namely the recently largest interaction based on the attributes of a typical online social network user, which outperforms eight well-known algorithms in this domain.

Community Detection Based on Social Influence in Large Scale Networks

In the proposed method, the community structure of a network is improved by finding the most influential community nodes over time, which overcomes the deficiencies of prior similar community detection methods.

A Local Dynamic Community Detection Algorithm Based on Node Contribution

An algorithm based on node contribution for uncovering dynamic communities is proposed, which outperforms all other comparison algorithms in both artificial and real datasets.

MDPCluster: a swarm-based community detection algorithm in large-scale graphs

An efficient modularity-based community detection algorithm called MDPCluster is introduced in order to detect communities in large-scale graphs in a timely manner and the results indicate the superiorities of MDCluster in terms of modularity, Normalized Mutual Information and execution time.

NBCD:Neighborhood Based Community Detection in Dynamic Social Networks

  • V. JagadishwariV. Umadevi
  • Computer Science
    2018 Second International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Control Systems (ICICCS)
  • 2018
A novel community detection algorithm which considers the changes in the neighborhood of a node over time and then decides if a change in community of the node is required and realigns the community membership based on its current neighborhood is proposed.

A novel negative feedback information dissemination model based on online social network

Discovering functionality of urban regions by learning low-dimensional representations of a spatial multiplex network

This work introduces a novel neural network architecture to jointly learn low-dimensional representations of each network node from multiple layers of a network and indicates that the proposed approach can improve the accuracy of traditional approached in an unsupervised task.

Learning embeddings for multiplex networks using triplet loss

This work proposes MUNEM, a novel approach for learning a low-dimensional representation of a multiplex network using a triplet loss objective function, which preserves the global structure of each layer, while at the same time fusing knowledge among different layers during the learning process.



Incremental local community identification in dynamic social networks

This paper introduces a new incremental community mining approach, in which communities in the current time are obtained based on the communities from the past time frame, which is more effective at detecting stable communities over time.

Analyzing Community Core Evolution in Mobile Social Networks

Empirical studies on real-world social networks demonstrate that the proposed Cumulative Stable Contact method can effectively detect stable community cores in mobile social networks.

Community Evolution of Social Network: Feature, Algorithm and Model

A novel core-based algorithm of tracking community evolution, CommTracker, which depends on core nodes to establish the evolving relationships among communities at different snapshots and a social network model which has the capabilities of exhibiting two necessary features above.

Adaptive algorithms for detecting community structure in dynamic social networks

This paper presents Quick Community Adaptation (QCA), an adaptive modularity-based method for identifying and tracing community structure of dynamic online social networks and demonstrates the bright applicability of the algorithm via a realistic application on routing strategies in MANETs.

Quantifying social group evolution

The focus is on networks capturing the collaboration between scientists and the calls between mobile phone users, and it is found that large groups persist for longer if they are capable of dynamically altering their membership, suggesting that an ability to change the group composition results in better adaptability.

Analyzing communities and their evolutions in dynamic social networks

This paper proposes FacetNet, a novel framework for analyzing communities and their evolutions through a robust unified process, and develops an iterative algorithm, with proven low time complexity, which is guaranteed to converge to an optimal solution.

Community structure in social and biological networks

  • M. GirvanM. Newman
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 2002
This article proposes a method for detecting communities, built around the idea of using centrality indices to find community boundaries, and tests it on computer-generated and real-world graphs whose community structure is already known and finds that the method detects this known structure with high sensitivity and reliability.

Discover Community Leader in Social Network with PageRank

This paper identifies the community leader in Sina microblog, by which its comprehensive influence on its community are reflected, using the core idea of the PageRank algorithm.

Tracking the Evolution of Communities in Dynamic Social Networks

A model for tracking the progress of communities over time in a dynamic network, where each community is characterised by a series of significant evolutionary events is used to motivate a community-matching strategy for efficiently identifying and tracking dynamic communities.

Top Leaders Community Detection Approach in Information Networks

Top Leaders is a new community mining approach that regards a community as a set of followers congregating around a potential leader, and starts by identifying promising leaders in a given network then iteratively assembles followers to their closest leaders to form communities.