Detailed description of the Mayo/IBM PACS

  title={Detailed description of the Mayo/IBM PACS},
  author={Dale G. Gehring and Kenneth R. Persons and Melvyn L. Rothman and James R. Salutz and Richard L. Morin},
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The Mayo Clinic and IBM/Rochester have jointly developed a picture archiving system (PACS) for use with Mayo's MRI and Neuro-CT imaging modalities. The system was developed to replace the imaging system's vendor-supplied magnetic tape archiving capability. The system consists of seven MR imagers and nine CT scanners, each interfaced to the PACS via IBM Personal System/2(tm) (PS/2) computers, which act as gateways from the imaging modality to the PACS network. The PAC system operates on the… 
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Current status of the joint Mayo Clinic-IBM PACS project
A multi-phase collaboration between Mayo Clinic and IBM-Rochester was undertaken, with the goal of developing a picture archiving and communication system for routine clinical use in the Radiology


Image acquisition unit for the Mayo/IBM PACS project
This paper provides a detailed description of the function and design of the Image Acquisition Units, which are IBM Personal System/2 computers with specially developed software that operate independently in a network of cooperative subsystems and communicate with the modalities, archive subsystems, and image review server subsystems.
Diagnostic report acquisition unit for the Mayo/IBM PACS project
The process, hardware, and software employed to integrate the diagnostic report information into the PACS, including how the report images are captured, transmitted, and entered into the AS/400 database are described.
Mayo/IBM PACS project: phase zero description
A demonstration picture archiving and comniunication system (PACS) was developed using standard networking protocols. The systera was developed primarily to gain experience in digital image
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