Detailed analysis of an idic(Y)(q11.21) in a mosaic karyotype.

  title={Detailed analysis of an idic(Y)(q11.21) in a mosaic karyotype.},
  author={Walid Al-achkar and Abdulsamad Wafa and Thomas Liehr and Elisabeth Lisa Z Klein and Faten Moassass},
  journal={Molecular medicine reports},
  volume={6 2},
Abnormalities involving sex chromosomes account for approximately 0.5% of live births. The phenotypes of individuals with mosaic cell lines that exhibit structural aberrations of the X and Y chromosomes are variable and difficult to predict. Phenotypes associated with sex chromosome mosaicism vary from females with Turner syndrome to males with infertility, and include individuals with ambiguous genitalia. In this study, we report a 17-year-old male with phenotypic features of Klinefelter… CONTINUE READING


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