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Det etiske spejlkabinet

  title={Det etiske spejlkabinet},
  author={Tore Rye Andersen},
Miss(ed) Generation: Douglas Coupland’s Miss Wyoming
This article presents a reading of Douglas Coupland’s 2000 novel Miss Wyoming. Long before this novel was published Coupland had denounced the Generation X phenomena he had started in the earlyExpand
Janus-Headed Postmodernism: The Opening Lines of SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE
Slaughterhouse-Five (1969) has long been hailed as one of Kurt Vonnegut's most artistically successful works, and today the novel stands as a central text of the first wave of postmodernism. Indeed...
Struggles of Self in the Light of Socio Cultural Realities of Postmodern Society in the Novels of Julian Barnes
The age of postmodernism with its undermining irony, hopelessness, pessimism and the sense of the looming end could not but leave the world in a state of despair, characterized by a propagated ruleExpand