Destabilized LiBH4-NaAlH4 Mixtures Doped with Titanium Based Catalysts

  title={Destabilized LiBH4-NaAlH4 Mixtures Doped with Titanium Based Catalysts},
  author={Qing Shi and Xuebin Yu and R. Feidenhans'l and Tejs Vegge},
  • Qing Shi, Xuebin Yu, +1 author Tejs Vegge
  • Published 2008
  • Chemistry
  • We investigate the hydrogen storage properties of the mixed complex hydride LiBH 4 -NaAlH 4 system, both undoped and doped with a TiCl 3 additive. The mixed system is found to initiate a transformation to LiBH 4 -NaAlH 4 after ball-milling, and the doped system is found to have a significant lower hydrogen release temperature compared to the undoped system and that of titanium doped LiAlH 4 and NaAlH 4 systems. Three dehydrogenation steps with a total of 3.5 wt % released hydrogen are observed… CONTINUE READING

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