Desquamative gingivitis. Clinical, histopathologic, and immunopathologic investigations.

  title={Desquamative gingivitis. Clinical, histopathologic, and immunopathologic investigations.},
  author={Roy S Rogers and Phillip J Sheridan and Robert E. Jordon},
  journal={Oral surgery, oral medicine, and oral pathology},
  volume={42 3},
Desquamative gingivitis is not a disease sui generis but is a descriptive term for a condition that requires thorough clinical evaluation and histopathologic and immunopathologic studies for accurate diagnosis. The present study emphasizes this statement. Six of seven patients with "desquamative gingivitis" were placed in a category of "possible cicatricial pemphigoid." During a 3-year observation period, five of six cases evolved into unequivocal cicatricial pemphigoid. Our studies lend… CONTINUE READING


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