Desorption of oxygen from alloyed Ag/Pt(111).

  title={Desorption of oxygen from alloyed Ag/Pt(111).},
  author={Maciej Jankowski and Herbert Wormeester and Harold J. W. Zandvliet and Bene Poelsema},
  journal={The Journal of chemical physics},
  volume={140 23},
We have investigated the interaction of oxygen with the Ag/Pt(111) surface alloy by thermal desorption spectroscopy (TDS). The surface alloy was formed during the deposition of sub-monolayer amounts of silver on Pt(111) at 800 K and subsequent cooling to 300 K. The low-temperature phase of the surface alloy is composed of nanometer-sized silver rich stripes, embedded within platinum-rich domains, which were characterized with spot profile analysis low energy electron diffraction. The TDS… CONTINUE READING
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