Desmosomal adhesion regulates epithelial morphogenesis and cell positioning

  title={Desmosomal adhesion regulates epithelial morphogenesis and cell positioning},
  author={Sarah K. Runswick and Mike J. O'Hare and Louise Jones and Charles H Streuli and David R. Garrod},
  journal={Nature Cell Biology},
Desmosomes are intercellular junctions of epithelia and are of widespread importance in the maintenance of tissue architecture. We provide evidence that desmosomal adhesion has a function in epithelial morphogenesis and cell-type-specific positioning. Blocking peptides corresponding to the cell adhesion recognition (CAR) sites of desmosomal cadherins block alveolar morphogenesis by epithelial cells from mammary lumen. Desmosomal CAR-site peptides also disrupt positional sorting of luminal and… CONTINUE READING


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