Desmoplastic fibroma of bone.

  title={Desmoplastic fibroma of bone.},
  author={Carrie Y. Inwards and Krishnan K. Unni and John W. Beabout and Franklin H. Sim},
  volume={68 9},
Desmoplastic fibroma is a rare primary tumor of bone that histologically and biologically mimics the extra-abdominal desmoid tumor of soft tissue. This study reviews 27 cases of desmoplastic fibroma, consisting of 9 from the Mayo Clinic files and 18 from our consultation files. There was a male predominance, and 74% of the patients were in the first 3 decades of life. The most frequent sites of involvement were the metaphysis of long bones and the mandible. Radiographically, the tumors were… CONTINUE READING


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