Desmin characteristics of CD11b-positive fibers after eccentric contractions.

  title={Desmin characteristics of CD11b-positive fibers after eccentric contractions.},
  author={Barbara A St Pierre Schneider and Heather Sannes and Jason Fine and Thomas B Best},
  journal={Medicine and science in sports and exercise},
  volume={34 2},
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to determine the desmin characteristics of fibers infiltrated by CD11b-leukocytes in fast- and slow-twitch murine muscles after eccentric contractions. METHODS We developed a computer image analysis procedure to quantify the percentage of intramyofiber CD11b-leukocyte infiltration. Only CD11b-positive fibers that exhibited identifiable borders were examined. Patterns of leukocyte infiltration of these fibers were distinguished and confirmed quantitatively… CONTINUE READING