Designing the emotional content of a robotic speech signal

  title={Designing the emotional content of a robotic speech signal},
  author={Sandra Pauletto and Tristan Bowles},
  booktitle={Audio Mostly Conference},
This project examines how the emotional content of a synthesised and robotic-sounding speech signal can be modified by manipulating high-level acoustic parameters using commonly available sound design digital tools. Stimuli were created on the basis of trends described by the literature and verified via our own analysis of emotional speech produced by actors. A listening test was run to verify whether the emotions expressed by the stimuli were discriminated by the listeners. Neutral and sad… 
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Exploring expressivity and emotion with artificial voice and speech technologies

Empirical investigation of emotion in audio-voice signals, as synthesized by text-to-speech technologies, was investigated to formulate a theory of expression for user interface design, pointing towards an emerging interdisciplinary ontology for artificial voices.



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The focus of this project is the manipulation of a robotic voice signal for the purpose of adding emotional expression. In particular, the main aim was to design the emotion expressed by a robotic

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Toward the simulation of emotion in synthetic speech: a review of the literature on human vocal emotion.

The voice parameters affected by emotion are found to be of three main types: voice quality, utterance timing, and utterance pitch contour.

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Communication of emotions in vocal expression and music performance: different channels, same code?

A review of 104 studies of vocal expression and 41 studies of music performance reveals similarities between the 2 channels concerning (a) the accuracy with which discrete emotions were communicated to listeners and (b) the emotion-specific patterns of acoustic cues used to communicate each emotion.

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An overview of what has been done in the field of emotion effects to synthesised speech is given, pointing out the inherent properties of the various synthesis techniques used, summarising the prosody rules employed, and taking a look at the evaluation paradigms.

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The role of intonation in emotional expressions