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Designing the Future

  title={Designing the Future},
  author={Jay W. Forrester},
Impact of Alternative Flow Control Policies on Value Stream Delivery Robustness Under Demand Instability: a System Dynamics Modeling and Simulation Approach
This research explores the effect of proposed management policies and related structures on the dynamics of value streams, particularly under demand instability. It relies on methods from the systemsExpand
Complexity in Design Management: Layered System Dynamics Graphs
This paper describes the application of System Dynamics in developing strategies to improve design management, with a focus on meta-theoretically structuring existing theories, which contrasts with traditional SD methods that model the physical phenomena directly. Expand
Evaluación de estrategias que impulsan en el ciudadano el uso de las plataformas de e-gobierno municipal: un enfoque de dinámica de sistemas / Evaluation of strategies that mainstream the use of the municipal e-government platforms: a systems dynamics approach
El e-gobierno es considerado como una herramienta estratégica de los gobiernos municipales para impulsar su transformación, pero a pesar de los beneficios que se ofrecen en sus plataformas, existeExpand
Reengineering Education : systems engineering and the LearningGraph as a means to develop a coherent learning data architecture
This dissertation explores the use of Systems Engineering as a means to reengineering this critical infrastructure of the system, through the LearningGraph-a research initiative that used this methodology to create a unified data structure for modeling learning constructs in a coherent learning data architecture. Expand
New product development model dynamic systems approach
This study aims to identify the key factors in developing successful new products in order to increase customers’ attraction rate through identification and prioritization of the key factors in newExpand
Using system dynamics to explore the poor uptake of irrigation scheduling technologies in a commercial sugarcane community in South Africa.
Doctor of Philosophy in Bioresources Engineering. University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg 2016.
Development and Validation of an Instrument to Operationalize Information System Requirements Capabilities
As a discipline, information systems (IS) has struggled with the challenge of alignment of product (primarily software and the infrastructure needed to run it) with the needs of the organization itExpand
Integration of system dynamics and action research with application to higher education quality management
This book focuses on improvement of participative system dynamics modeling design through integration of system dynamics and participatory action research. This followed insight from the systemExpand
Risk Dynamics─An Analysis for the Risk of Change
Author(s): Huang, Tailin | Advisor(s): Bea, Robert G.; Kastenberg, William E. | Abstract: The concept of risk has evolved over the centuries of human history. People care about risk because much ofExpand


K-12 education to develop Systems Citizens Permission granted for copying and for electronic distribution for non-commercial educational purposes
  • K-12 education to develop Systems Citizens Permission granted for copying and for electronic distribution for non-commercial educational purposes