Designing practical interval type-2 fuzzy logic systems made simple

  title={Designing practical interval type-2 fuzzy logic systems made simple},
  author={Dongrui Wu and Jerry M. Mendel},
  journal={2014 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems (FUZZ-IEEE)},
Interval type-2 fuzzy logic systems (IT2 FLSs) have become increasingly popular in the last decade, and have demonstrated superior performance in a number of applications. However, the computations in an IT2 FLS are more complex than those in a type-1 FLS, and there are many choices to be made in designing an IT2 FLS, including the shape of membership functions (Gaussian or trapezoidal), number of membership functions, type of fuzzifier (singleton or non-singleton), kind of rules (Mamdani or… CONTINUE READING
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