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Designing of a variable frequency standalone impedance analyzer for in vitro biological applications

  title={Designing of a variable frequency standalone impedance analyzer for in vitro biological applications},
  author={Saikat Sahoo},
Maximum biological samples have some electrical property, which gave us a new dimension in the field of biomedical engineering. Now-a-days measurement of impedance by applying an electrical voltage/current, has a broader application for analyzing different biological samples. Most of the devices used for the measurement of bio-impedance are bulky and much costlier. This approach will help us to design a portable, standalone, multi frequency (10Hz – 10kHz) bio-impedance monitoring device with… 
Design and Analysis of Adjustable Constant Current Source with Multi Frequency for Measurement of Bioelectrical Impedance
Bio-Impedance analyzer, using adjustable constant current source with multi frequency system consist an advanced form of Howland Constant Current Source in which a very low constant current injected
Smart & assistive electrical impedance tomographic tool for clinical imaging
The aim of our study is the design and development of IOT enabled smart, portable, non-invasive, assistive and precise medical tool based on the methods of Electrical Impedance Tomography which can
Internet-of-Things-Enabled Dual-Channel Iontophoretic Drug Delivery System for Elderly Patient Medication Management
The development of an iontophoretic drug delivery device that could be controlled using a mobile and the audio-visual indicator was developed for the detection of the detachment of the patches (loose lead).


Development of low cost bioimpedance analyser for analysing various biological samples
An attempt was made to develop a low-cost impedance analyser for the measurement of bioimpedance of goat blood that suggested a decrease in the impedance of the blood with dilution.
Current Source for Multifrequency Broadband Electrical Bioimpedance Spectroscopy Systems. A Novel Approach
A novel approach to increase the output impedance of a common voltage controlled current source is proposed and the results, remarking the significant effect of the circuit parasitic capacitances, show a clear increment of theoutput impedance, but smaller than the originally expected.
The dielectric properties of biological tissues: II. Measurements in the frequency range 10 Hz to 20 GHz.
Three experimental techniques based on automatic swept-frequency network and impedance analysers were used to measure the dielectric properties of tissue in the frequency range 10 Hz to 20 GHz, demonstrating that good agreement was achieved between measurements using the three pieces of equipment.
A bio-impedance measurement system for portable monitoring of heart rate and pulse wave velocity using small body area
A bio-impedance measurement system that operates on a small local area of the forearm is presented for portable and continuous monitoring of the heart rate and pulse wave velocity, and the results show that the location at the lower forearm along the radial artery has the best signal quality.
Precision constant current source for electrical impedance tomography
In electrical impedance tomography (EIT), we inject currents through electrodes placed on the surface of a subject and try to reconstruct cross-sectional resistivity images. This requires a precision
Bioelectrical impedance analysis--part I: review of principles and methods.
Medical Instrumentation: Application and Design
Basic Concepts of Medical Instrumentation (W. Olson). Basic Sensors and Principles (R. Peura & J. Webster). Amplifiers and Signal Processing (J. Webster). The Origin of Biopotentials (J. Clark).
The dynamic response of a Butterworth low-pass filter in an ac-based electrical capacitance tomography system
The design of a Butterworth LPF with consideration of the time delay is discussed, which is one of the major limits to the data acquisition rate of an ac-based electrical capacitance tomography system.
Comparison of bio-impedance changes and EMG activity during daily events
The bio-impedance method is a more useful means of non-invasively measuring the changes in the abdominal pressure for urodynamics monitoring.