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Designing and Conducting Focus Group Interviews

  title={Designing and Conducting Focus Group Interviews},
  author={Richard A. Krueger},
Power imbalance between supply vessels and offshore installations may impede the communication of safety issues
Abstract The power relationships between collaborators may affect communication in safety–critical industries, thus leading to inaccurate or unreliable representations of risks. We interviewed the
Drivers’ impressions under high-pressure sodium and LED street lighting
In order to compare drivers’ subjective impressions when exposed to high-pressure sodium versus LED street lighting, an experiment was conducted on a Belgrade street. All general requirements for an
Service Quality Perceptions: A Case of Ugandan Telephony Users
The potential disparity between expected and actual service quality (Gap 5) among telephony users was investigated. A sample of 262 mobile telephone users from 4 networks in Uganda were investigated.
A Design Space to Support the Development of Windshield Applications for the Car
A design space for interactive windshield displays in vehicles is presented and how this design space can support designers in creating windshield applications for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians is discussed.
User-Centred Design of a Final Results Report for Participants in Multi-Sensor Personal Air Pollution Exposure Monitoring Campaigns
A model of a user-centred design (UCD) approach for preparing a final report for participants involved in a multi-sensor personal exposure monitoring study performed in seven cities within the EU Horizon 2020 ICARUS project is proposed.
Providing Support for the Ladegårdsåen Daylighting Project
This project provided Miljøpunkt Nørrebro, an environmental agency in Copenhagen, Denmark, with communication tools to gain long-lasting support for the Ladegårdsåen Daylighting Project, which seeks
The value of textual haptic information in online clothing shopping
The results show that textual haptic information has a positive impact on consumers’ perception and on the intention to purchasing, and could assist the development of global marketing strategies for increasing online fashion sales.
Text messages and romantic relationships: an investigation of mobile communication technologies, attachment processes, and relationship quality.
Mobile technologies have transformed the way that people interact with one another, and manage their friendships and intimate relationships. Text messages of love and support nurture feelings of
Subjective impressions under LED and metal halide lighting
In order to compare subjective impressions created by LED and metal halide ambient lighting, a pilot project was conducted in a Belgrade park. All general requirements for an adequate comparison of
The influence of inner-state displays on human-human interaction
This research is divided into three steps. The first step is a validation of the colours of the Neurotiq Social, an inner-state display. The second step is a dictator game experiment using the


The Discovery of Grounded Theory: Strategies for Qualitative Research
Most writing on sociological method has been concerned with how accurate facts can be obtained and how theory can thereby be more rigorously tested. In The Discovery of Grounded Theory, Barney Glaser
Focus groups : a practical guide for applied research / by Richard A. Krueger
Foreword - Michael Quinn Patton PART ONE: GROUPS AND FOCUS GROUPS Groups Focus Groups PART TWO: THE PROCESS OF CONDUCTING FOCUS GROUPS Conceptualizing the Focus Group Asking Questions in a Focus
handbook for focus group research
Focus Groups An Overview Research Decisions Maximizing the Effectiveness of Focus Group Research Common Mistakes in Focus Groups The Moderator Focus Groups and the Technology Revolution Controlling
Moderating Focus Groups
Preface About This Book Guiding Principles of Moderating What You Need to Do Before the Focus Group What You Need to Do During the Focus Group Selecting the Moderator Personal Qualities of Moderators
Developing Questions for Focus Groups
PART ONE: THINKING ABOUT QUESTIONS Guiding Principles of Asking Questions The Topic Guide Versus the Questioning Route How and Where to Begin Sequence for Developing Questions PART TWO: THE ART AND
Qualitative evaluation and research methods
PART ONE: CONCEPTUAL ISSUES IN THE USE OF QUALITATIVE METHODS The Nature of Qualitative Inquiry Strategic Themes in Qualitative Methods Variety in Qualitative Inquiry Theoretical Orientations
Analyzing and Reporting Focus Group Results
PART ONE: THE FOUNDATION Introduction to Analysis Critical Ingredients of Qualitative Analysis Analysis Principles of Particular Importance to Focus Group Research Analysis Considerations for Focus
Qualitative research : analysis types and software tools
This chapter discusses the mechanics of structural qualitative analysis, how to deal with a computer, and how to read the descriptions of qualitative analysis programs.
Focus groups for qualitative research.
  • D. Morgan
  • Sociology, Medicine
    Hospital guest relations report
  • 1987
Introduction Focus Groups as Qualitative Method The Uses of Focus Groups Planning and Research Design for Focus Groups Conducting and Analyzing Focus Groups Additional Possibilities Conclusions
Developing questions for focus groups. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage
  • 1998