Designing a new employee orientation (NEO) system


Modern computing-intensive universities often provide a variety of computing resources to employees, ranging from simple email to complex database and development services. Each of these services demands employee knowledge and varies between institutes. Universities struggle not only to familiarize new employees with their information system services, but also to acquaint them with resources like helpdesk, web sites, and training classes that inform them about those services. We conceived a web-based New Employee Orientation (NEO) system, designed to manage the introduction of new employees to online resources. This system does not itself provide resources, but tells new employees: 1. the purpose and value of each resource, 2. Contact information and web url(s) for accessing that resource, and 3. checkboxes to show whether tasks have been completed or not. It does not direct or sequence new employee orientation, as a formal teaching course might, but supports each individual's familiarization initiatives.A pilot NEO system was developed at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), and new employees were asked to comment on its value. Over 80% of the participants found it very or extremely useful, and were definite that the system should be implemented. Having a single web-based point to manage their orientation led to a smoother and more pleasant transition to their new work environment.Many colleges and universities may be encountering similar issues in inducting new employees to the increasing variety of computing resources on their campus. The NEO approach suggests a new way to facilitate new employee orientation.

DOI: 10.1145/1099435.1099514

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