Designing a library: everyone on the same page?


Excerpts are presented from an interview by the Bulletin of the Medical Library Association buildings projects editor with four academic health sciences library directors: one who had recently completed a major library building project and three who were involved in various stages of new building projects. They share their experiences planning for and implementing library-building programs. The interview explores driving forces leading to new library buildings, identifies who should be involved, recalls the most difficult and exciting moments of the building projects, relates what they wished they had known before starting the project, assesses the impact of new library facilities on clients and services, reviews what they would change, and describes forces impacting libraries today and attributes of the twenty-first century library.

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@article{Ludwig2001DesigningAL, title={Designing a library: everyone on the same page?}, author={Lester Ludwig and James Shedlock and Laurie Watson and Karen Hackelman Dahlen and Cliff Jenkins}, journal={Bulletin of the Medical Library Association}, year={2001}, volume={89 2}, pages={204-11} }