Designing a Virtual Environment for Story Generation


In this document I present a model of a virtual world which consists of<lb>two components: A specification of actions and an object ontology which<lb>enables the execution of these actions. This model (i) is completely for-<lb>malised in logic, facilitating reasoning in general, (ii) gives elegant solutions<lb>to problems commonly encountered in dealing with time and action, (iii) has<lb>a near complete coverage of narratively interesting actions, providing a lot of<lb>narrative power, (iv) is simple in terms of modelling complexity, satisfying<lb>computational reasoning demands, (v) can easily be extended with various<lb>reusable story settings, reducing the work of constructing virtual worlds, and<lb>(vi) allows the inclusion of narrative information usable in natural language<lb>generation.<lb>This model is used to create a prototype simulation of a virtual environ-<lb>ment. Examination Comittee:<lb>Prof. Dr. Ir. R.J.H. Scha<lb>Dr. M. Theune<lb>Dr. B. Bredeweg

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