Designing Systolic Architecture For Symmetrizing Hessenberg Matrices

  title={Designing Systolic Architecture For Symmetrizing Hessenberg Matrices},
  author={Ladan Kazerouniy and Basant Rajan and R. K. Shyamasundarz},
  • Ladan Kazerouniy, Basant Rajan, R. K. Shyamasundarz
  • Published 2007
In this paper, we describe a systematic method for mapping the problem of symmetrizing Hessenberg matrices onto systolic architectures. The starting point of our method is a graphical abstraction of the system of linear recurrence equations that speciies the problem. Using a procedure called cubization, we transform the dependency graph of the problem into a graph we term the Modiied Dependency Graph. Using the modiied dependency graph, we design systolic programs on a very general architecture… CONTINUE READING