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Designing Open Source Computer Models for Physics by Inquiry using Easy Java Simulation

  title={Designing Open Source Computer Models for Physics by Inquiry using Easy Java Simulation},
  author={L. K. Wee and S. Y. Lye},
Abstract: The Open Source Physics community (http://www.compadre.org/osp/) has created hundreds of physics computer models (Wolfgang Christian, Esquembre, & Barbato, 2011; F. K. Hwang & Esquembre, 2003) which are mathematical computation representations of real-life Physics phenomenon. Since the source codes are available and can be modified for redistribution licensed Creative Commons Attribution or other compatibile copyrights like GNU General Public License (GPL), educators can customize… 
NRF2011-EDU001-EL001 EduLab Project Scaling-up Reflections on Using Open Source Physics
eduLab (MOE, 2012b) is a key programme under the third MasterPlan for ICT in Education (mp3) where teachers with good ideas for an ICT-enhanced lesson or curriculum (learning with computer models
Open Educational Resources from Performance Task using Video Analysis and Modeling - Tracker and K12 science education framework
This invited paper discusses why Physics performance task by grade 9 students in Singapore is worth participating in for two reasons; 1) the video analysis and modeling are open access, licensed
Evaluating a Novel Instructional Sequence for Conceptual Change in Physics Using Interactive Simulations
This study investigated the effectiveness of a novel inquiry-based instructional sequence using interactive simulations for supporting students’ development of conceptual understanding, inquiry


Leveraging on Easy Java Simulation tool and open source computer simulation library to create interactive digital media for mas s customization of high school physics curriculum
This paper highlights the diverse possibilities in the rich community of educators from the Conceptual Learning of Science (CoLoS) and Open Source Physics (OSP) movement to engage, enable and empower
Easy Java Simulations and the ComPADRE OSP collection
A pedagogy that limits the amount of programming when designing, implementing, distributing, and using computer models is described, based on the integration of the Easy Java Simulations modeling tool with the ComPADRE National Science Digital Library.
One-Dimensional Collision Carts Computer Model and Its Design Ideas for Productive Experiential Learning.
We develop an Easy Java Simulation (EJS) model for students to experience the physics of idealized one-dimensional collision carts. The physics model is described and simulated by both continuous
Modeling Instruction: An Effective Model for Science Education
The authors describe a Modeling Instruction program that places an emphasis on the construction and application of conceptual models of physical phenomena as a central aspect of learning and doing
Open Source Physics
A curriculum resource designed around interactive computer-based modeling brings computational physics to students of all levels and uses computer modeling and computation in innovative research.
Using Tracker as a pedagogical tool for understanding projectile motion
This article reports on the use of Tracker as a pedagogical tool in the effective learning and teaching of projectile motion in physics. When a computer model building learning process is supported
Breaking into Inquiry: Scaffolding Supports Beginning Efforts to Implement Inquiry in the Classroom
For science teachers, implementing inquiry for the first time can seem intimidating. Inquiry-based curriculum requires teachers to design experiences that engage students in scientific phenomena
Computational Modeling with Open Source Physics and Easy Java Simulations. Paper presented at the South African National Institute for Theoretical Physics Event, University of Pretoria
  • Jul 04,
  • 2012
MOE Innergy Awards: MOE Innergy (HQ) Awards Winners : Gold Award :Educational Technology Division and Academy of Singapore Teachers: Gravity-Physics by Inquiry Retrieved
  • 20th International Conference on Computers in Education (ICCE 2012) Singapore Interactive Event November 26-30 (Monday-Friday) 2012 National Institute of Education
  • 2012
Advancing collaborative learning with ICT : Conception , Cases and Design
  • 2011