Designing Memory Probes to Inform Dialogue


To investigate the phenomenon that occurs during interactions between used objects and autobiographical memories, which are both ever-changing and imbedded with personal significance, an adapted probing method capable of managing these complex qualities is needed. This pictorial is our attempt to find a nuanced indication of how probes could go beyond common usage to facilitate complex felt experience, and how probes can be used in less prescriptive ways to instead promote reminiscent dialogues that are rich and open to interpretation for both participants and researchers. It illustrates our exploration into potential Memory Probes and how this might be done that reflects the value we see in creating restrictions or limitations in technology-mediated interactions to encourage active participation by users in social acts such as memory creation and remembrance.

DOI: 10.1145/3064663.3064791

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@inproceedings{Tsai2017DesigningMP, title={Designing Memory Probes to Inform Dialogue}, author={Wenn-Chieh Tsai and Daniel Orth and Elise van den Hoven}, booktitle={Conference on Designing Interactive Systems}, year={2017} }