Designing Floating Codes for Expected Performance

  title={Designing Floating Codes for Expected Performance},
  author={Flavio Chierichetti and Hilary K Finucane and Zhenming Liu and Michael Mitzenmacher},
  journal={2008 46th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing},
Floating codes are codes designed to store multiple values in a Write Asymmetric Memory, with applications to flash memory. In this model, a memory consists of a block of n cells, with each cell in one of q states {0,1,...,q -1}. The cells are used to represent k variable values from an ¿-ary alphabet. Cells can move from lower values to higher values easily, but moving any cell from a higher value to a lower value requires first resetting the entire block to an all 0 state. Reset operations… CONTINUE READING
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