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Designing Coils to Produce User-specified Magnetic Field Profiles Inside a Closed Finite-length High-Permeability Cylinder

  title={Designing Coils to Produce User-specified Magnetic Field Profiles Inside a Closed Finite-length High-Permeability Cylinder},
  author={M. Packer and P. J. Hobson and Niall Holmes and James Leggett and Paul Glover and Matthew J. Brookes and Richard Bowtell and T. Mark Fromhold},
  journal={arXiv: Applied Physics},
Commercially available passive magnetic shields with active components that allow the generation of a tailored low-field environment are required for many applications in science, engineering, and medical imaging. Until now, accurate field nulling, or field generation, has only been possible over a small fraction of the overall volume of the shield. This is due to the interaction between the active field-generating components and the surrounding high-permeability passive shielding material… 

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