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Designing Augmented Refrigerator Magnets

  title={Designing Augmented Refrigerator Magnets},
  author={Rachel Eardley and Laurel M. Swan and Abigail Sellen and Alex S. Taylor and Steve Hodges and Ken Wood and Lyndsay Williams},
Seeking to orient the presented concepts around people’s established practices in the home, we have adopted a particular design philosophy; one of less is more [2]. Underpinning this philosophy is a motivation to design the interactions with computational artifacts to be intelligible by keeping their means of operation simple and, as far as possible, visible [see 1]. Using this approach, more functionally rich solutions are made possible by designing the artifacts so that they can be combined… Expand
Back to the shed: gendered visions of technology and domesticity
This work wants to approach domestic space from the edge, and in particular, from the shed, to consider some questions of technology and domesticity. Expand


Notes on fridge surfaces
It is argued that the negotiation of family relations is afforded by the presented properties of the fridge and of magnets, and some general points to consider in designing interactive surfaces for the home are introduced. Expand
Artful systems in the home
It is suggested that technologies must be designed to accommodate the rich and diverse ways in which people organize their homes, providing them with the resources to artfully construct their own systems rather than enforcing ones that are removed from their own experiences. Expand
Less is more (more is less)
In April 1981 Xerox introduced the Star 8010 workstation, the first commercial system with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the first to use the “desktop” metaphor to organize a user’sExpand
Intelligibility and Accountability: Human Considerations in Context-Aware Systems
It is argued that there are human aspects of context that cannot be sensed or even inferred by technological means, so context-aware systems cannot be designed simply to act on the authors' behalf, and will have to be able to defer to users in an efficient and nonobtrusive fashion. Expand
Artful systems in the home, CHI 2005
  • 2005
Notes on fridge doors
  • Notes on fridge doors
  • 2005