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Design the Optimal Number of Components in a Grid-Connected Hybrid Power Generation System

  title={Design the Optimal Number of Components in a Grid-Connected Hybrid Power Generation System},
  author={M. Heidari},
  journal={International Journal of Renewable Energy Research},
  • M. Heidari
  • Published 2018
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal of Renewable Energy Research
Hybrid power generation systems are an effective solution for the variable generated power of renewable energy sources. In this paper, a grid-connected hybrid power generation system including wind turbines, solar panels, wave generators and power storage batteries for a village in the Chabahar Bay in southeastern of Iran is optimally designed. The purpose of selecting this region is to investigate the economic feasibility of using wave generators in hybrid power generation systems. In the… Expand
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Smart Metering Synthesis Devoted to Tunisian Grid
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Optimum sizing and economical assessment of grid integrated hybrid system for a rural village: A case study
  • Om Krishan, Sathans
  • Engineering
  • 2016 IEEE 1st International Conference on Power Electronics, Intelligent Control and Energy Systems (ICPEICES)
  • 2016
The aim of this paper is to find the best hybrid technology combination for electricity generation from a mix of renewable energy resources to fulfill the electrical load demand in a reliable andExpand
Novel Power Smoothing and Generation Scheduling Strategies for a Hybrid Wind and Marine Current Turbine System
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Smart design and management of hybrid energy structures for isolated systems using biogeography- based optimization algorithm
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