Design , synthesis and structure of peptides and proteins


Protein-protein interactions The challenge of dividing finite geometric objects into isometric segments has fascinated structural and synthetic chemists for decades. In a seminal paper published in 1983, Mislow and colleagues analysed the intriguing way of cutting an apple known as “la coupe du roi”. Figure 1 illustrates how a pair of homochiral segments can be obtained from an achiral object (in this case, an apple) by first making two vertical half-cuts, one from the top to the equator and the other from the bottom to the equator, followed by two non-adjacent horizontal cuts. Although this concept has been applied to the retrosynthetic analysis of highly symmetric organic compounds, such as fullerene C(60) or cyclic diketones, as well as to helical organometallic compounds, to the best of our knowledge it has never been applied to proteins.

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