Design principles of sensory processing in cerebellum-like structures

  title={Design principles of sensory processing in cerebellum-like structures},
  author={P. Roberts and C. Portfors},
  journal={Biological Cybernetics},
  • P. Roberts, C. Portfors
  • Published 2008
  • Biology, Computer Science, Medicine
  • Biological Cybernetics
  • Cerebellum-like structures are compared for two sensory systems: electrosensory and auditory. The electrosensory lateral line lobe of mormyrid electric fish is reviewed and the neural representation of electrosensory objects in this structure is modeled and discussed. The dorsal cochlear nucleus in the auditory brainstem of mammals is reviewed and new data are presented that characterize the responses of neurons in this structure in the mouse. Similarities between the electrosensory and… CONTINUE READING
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