Design of the ultrawideband 0.85-17.44 GHz test antenna


The results of the design of a measuring antenna for the 0.85 to 17.44 GHz frequency band are presented. Antenna gain was measured to be at least 9 dB at 0.85 GHz and 28 dB at 17.44 GHz. The antenna is intended to generate the reference electromagnetic field during measurements with an appropriate signal source, and, together with appropriate receivers, for… (More)

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@article{Kasimenko2004DesignOT, title={Design of the ultrawideband 0.85-17.44 GHz test antenna}, author={V. B. Kasimenko and V. N. Kopusov and A. N. Gordeev}, journal={2004 14th International Crimean Conference "Microwave and Telecommunication Technology" (IEEE Cat. No.04EX843)}, year={2004}, pages={350-351} }