Design of resonator rectenna using metamaterials for wireless power transmission


This paper focuses on a study and design of an antenna which it have been proposed for use in RF energy harvesting at the WLANs band of 2.45 GHz. An antenna is designed by using microstrip antenna with metamaterials for the gain enhancement and energy harvesting development. The proposed antenna is consisted of a patch microstip antenna surrounded by electromagnetic band gap (EBG) to suppress the surface wave. Moreover, partially reflective surface (PRS) is located over a patch microstrip antenna with EBG surface which is called a resonator antenna to improve a directive gain. Furthermore, this research can be used to useable direct current (DC) electricity from WiFi access point at frequency of 2.45 GHz. Therefore, the rectifier circuit is constructed to connect with a resonator antenna, called resonator rectenna. Then, a proposed rectenna is measured the DC voltage and electric power. From measurement results, the resonator antenna prototype provides an antenna gain of 11.05 dBi. The power measuring instrument can convert electromagnetic wave into electric power and voltage, and also display on the LCD.

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