Design of ion-implanted MOSFET's with very small physical dimensions

  title={Design of ion-implanted MOSFET's with very small physical dimensions},
  author={Robert H. Dennard and Fritz H. Gaensslen and Hwa Nien Yu and V. LEO RIDEOVT and Ernest Bassous and A. LeBlanc},
  journal={IEEE Solid-State Circuits Newsletter},
This paper considers the design, fabrication, and characterization of very small MOSFET switching devices suitable for digital integrated circuits using dimensions of the order of 1μ. Scaling relationships are presented which show how a conventional MOSFET can be reduced in size. An improved small device structure is presented that uses ion implantation to proVide shallow source and drain regions and a nonuniform substrate doping profile. Onedimensional models are used to predict the substrate… Expand
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Low‐Voltage Magnetoelectric Coupling in Fe 0.5 Rh 0.5 /0.68PbMg 1/3 Nb 2/3 O 3 ‐0.32PbTiO 3 Thin‐Film Heterostructures
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