Design of fuzzy controller for induction heating using DSP


This paper presents the development of fuzzy controller for induction heating temperature control. Induction heating coil can be controlled by single phase sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM) digital signal processor (DSP)-based inverter. DSP is used to store the required commands for generating the necessary waveforms to control the frequency of the inverter through proper design of switching pulses. The SPWM technique produces pure sinusoidal wave of voltage and current output. Fuzzy controller software has been developed in the C++ language. VisSim software is used to experiment with a DSP. The inverter is current-fed and SPWM is used for DC to AC conversion. SPWM normally cuts off high-order harmonic by low-pass filter to produce sine wave power. The LC low-pass filter with cutoff frequency at 300Hz is used. Since low frequency produces ripple to cause transformer and inductance magnetic saturation, the range of frequency is between 100 Hz and 300 Hz. The results of the experiment are presented and show the effectiveness and superiority of this temperature control system.

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