Design of an irreversible electroporation system for clinical use.

  title={Design of an irreversible electroporation system for clinical use.},
  author={Claudio Bertacchini and Pier M Margotti and Enrico Bergamini and Andrea Lodi and Mattia Ronchetti and Ruggero Cadossi},
  journal={Technology in cancer research & treatment},
  volume={6 4},
Irreversible electroporation is an ablation modality in which microseconds, high-voltage electrical pulses are applied to induce cell necrosis in a target tissue. To perform irreversible electroporation it is necessary to use a medical device specifically designed for this use. The design of an irreversible electroporation system is a complex task in which the effective delivery of high energy pulses and the safety of the patient and operator are equally important. Pulses of up to 3000 V of… CONTINUE READING

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