Design of an in-dwelling cannula for convection-enhanced delivery

  title={Design of an in-dwelling cannula for convection-enhanced delivery},
  author={Kathryn Hammond Rosenbluth and Matthias Luz and Erich Mohr and Stephan Mittermeyer and Krystof S. Bankiewicz},
  journal={Journal of Neuroscience Methods},
Failures of recent convection-enhanced delivery (CED) trials have underscored the need for improved CED cannulae. This study presents a novel in-dwelling cannula targeted for use in upcoming neuro-oncological or neurodegeneration trials. The cannula is reflux-resistant and easily integrated into clinical workflows. The cannula was evaluated in non-human primate CED studies performed with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to validate the effectiveness and safety of the infusion. 


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