Design of an Open-Source Sata Core for Virtex-4 FPGAs

  title={Design of an Open-Source Sata Core for Virtex-4 FPGAs},
  author={Cory Gorman},
DESIGN OF AN OPEN-SOURCE SATA CORE FOR VIRTEX-4 FPGAS SEPTEMBER 2013 CORY W. GORMAN, B.S., UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS AMHERST M.S.E.C.E., UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS AMHERST Directed by: Professor Russell G. Tessier Many hard drives manufactured today use the Serial ATA (SATA) protocol to communicate with the host machine, typically a PC. SATA is a much faster and much more robust protocol than its predecessor, ATA (also referred to as Parallel ATA or IDE). Many hardware designs, including… CONTINUE READING