Design of air-conditioning control system in university gymnasium based on virtual instrument technology

  • Hui Xie, Yayu Liu
  • Published 2010 in
    2010 2nd International Conference on Computer…


LabVIEW is an innovative product of National Instruments Corporation which is a virtual instrument development environment marked by graphical software programming method and the integrated development environment <sup>[7]</sup>. This paper focuses on the air-conditioning system of venue and audience area in a university gymnasium, then lays out the measuring points of various parameters needed for monitoring and controlling, furthermore selects the type of components in the hardware of virtual air-conditioning control system, while uses LabVIEW software platform to develop the software of virtual air-conditioning control system, finally debugs and improves the entire virtual air-conditioning control system. A necessary information database can be established by the use of computer virtual air-conditioning control system for air conditioning units. The temperature and humidity of air supply, temperature and humidity of indoor air-conditioned room, temperature and humidity outdoor as well as the speed of air supply, air return and fresh air can be measured comprehensively and timely through the telemetry system measurements. In this way, we can keep abreast of operating conditions of air-conditioning system, thus guiding cold and heat source to run more effectively and efficiently.

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