Design of a high-speed electrochemical scanning tunneling microscope.


In this paper, we present a bottom-up approach to designing and constructing a high-speed electrochemical scanning tunneling microscope (EC-STM). Using finite element analysis (FEA) calculations of the frequency response of the whole mechanical loop of the STM, we analyzed several geometries to find the most stable one that could facilitate fast scanning. To test the FEA results, we conducted measurements of the vibration amplitudes using a prototype STM setup. Based on the FEA analysis and the measurement results, we identified the potentially most disturbing vibration modes that could impair fast scanning. By modifying the design of some parts of the EC-STM, we reduced the amplitudes as well as increased the resonance frequencies of these modes. Additionally, we designed and constructed an electrochemical flow-cell that allows STM imaging in a flowing electrolyte, and built a bi-potentiostat to achieve electrochemical potential control during the measurements. Finally, we present STM images acquired during high-speed imaging in air as well as in an electrochemical environment using our newly-developed EC-STM.

DOI: 10.1063/1.4779086

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@article{Yanson2013DesignOA, title={Design of a high-speed electrochemical scanning tunneling microscope.}, author={Yuriy I Yanson and Fanny Schenkel and Marcel J. Rost}, journal={The Review of scientific instruments}, year={2013}, volume={84 2}, pages={023702} }