Design of a high precision chip for detecting electric arc

  title={Design of a high precision chip for detecting electric arc},
  author={Jianyu Feng and Zhelu Li and Yahui Leng and Lenian He and Jianxiong Xi and Kexu Sun},
  journal={IECON 2015 - 41st Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society},
A novel kind of chip which is used in high precision and low cost arc detection circuit (leakage detection included) was designed. Based on CSMC's 0.5pm process, the pad is specially designed to produce a specific capacitor. Cascode current mirror and trimming capacitors are used to generate a precise timing signal. High speed, large bandwidth and low offset op-amps with rail to rail output stage are used to realize the function of precise amplification of the current information. The chip is… CONTINUE READING