Design of a family of ring-core fibers for OAM transmission studies.

  title={Design of a family of ring-core fibers for OAM transmission studies.},
  author={Charles Brunet and Bora Ung and Lixian Wang and Youn{\`e}s Messaddeq and Sophie LaRochelle and Leslie Ann Rusch},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={23 8},
We propose a family of ring-core fibers, designed for the transmission of OAM modes, that can be fabricated by drawing five different fibers from a single preform. This novel technique allows us to experimentally sweep design parameters and speed up the fiber design optimization process. Such a family of fibers could be used to examine system performance, but also facilitate understanding of parameter impact in the transition from design to fabrication. We present design parameters… CONTINUE READING
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