Design of a cybernetic hand for perception and action

  title={Design of a cybernetic hand for perception and action},
  author={Maria Chiara Carrozza and Giovanni Cappiello and Silvestro Micera and Benoni B. Edin and Lucia Beccai and Christian Cipriani},
  journal={Biological Cybernetics},
  pages={629 - 644}
Strong motivation for developing new prosthetic hand devices is provided by the fact that low functionality and controllability—in addition to poor cosmetic appearance—are the most important reasons why amputees do not regularly use their prosthetic hands. This paper presents the design of the CyberHand, a cybernetic anthropomorphic hand intended to provide amputees with functional hand replacement. Its design was bio-inspired in terms of its modular architecture, its physical appearance… CONTINUE READING
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