Design of a chemiluminescent and bioluminescent photometer.

  title={Design of a chemiluminescent and bioluminescent photometer.},
  author={B. Arrio and Bernard Lecuyer and A. Dupaix and P Volfin and M Jousset and A Carrette},
  volume={62 7},
An apparatus for chemi- and bioluminescence measurements is described. The main features are in high sensitivity: for example, 5 10(-12) M adenosine triphosphate, 5 10(-7) M glucose, 2 10(-9) M perhydrol and 4 10(-13) M peroxidase are easily detected; its fast mixing time and the possibility of injecting a reactant, at any time, enabling kinetic studies. Moreover, its compactness and 12 V battery supply allow measurements outside of laboratories. 

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